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Policies and Prospectus

Our prospectus covers just about everything a parent will need to know about the school.  Please follow the link below to access it, or contact the office should you require a hard copy.

Link to prospectus

You can also access all of our school policies via this page.  Our ‘Statutory Policies’ are those which we are required to have in place, and these are reviewed and ratified annually by the school’s governing body.  Our ‘Curriculum Policies’ includes all of the subject policies in addition to the more generic policies such as Handwriting and Educational Visits.  Those policies that do not fall under either umbrella can be found via the ‘Other Policies’ link and, along with the curriculum policies, are reviewed and accepted by the governing body on a two year cycle.

Link to Statutory Policies

Link to Curriculum Policies

Link to Other Policies

Response to Covid-19 outbreak:

Please be advised that many of our policies have been subject to adjustment to ensure that the school complies with government advice regarding the re-opening of schools.  Although the wording of specific policies has not altered, each policy will be over-ridden by the addendums to the safeguarding, behaviour, health and safety, and attendance policies where appropriate