Life at Vigo Village School Life at Vigo Village School Life at Vigo Village School
  • School clubs start next week (week beginning 18th September).

Staff and Classes

We are a one-form entry school, meaning that the children are spread across seven classes; one for each year group ranging from 4 and 5 year olds in Reception to 10 and 11 year olds in Year 6.  Theoretically no class is greater than 30 in number, although parents have the right to appeal for places, meaning that, on occasion, numbers do rise above this number.

Reflecting our rural location, each class is named after a woodland animal.  Our class names are as follows:

Reception Hedgehogs
 Year 1 Caterpillars
 Year 2 Owls
 Year 3 Chaffinches
 Year 4 Robins
 Year 5 Cuckoos
 Year 6 Goldcrests


Our current staffing complement is as follows:


Mr R Barber Head teacher
Mrs J Seymour Reception (Hedgehogs)/Leader of School in Mr Barber’s absence
Mrs R Ralph  Year 1 (Caterpillars)
Mrs K Groves  Year 2 (Owls) – three days per week
Mrs H Edwards-Brown Year 2 (Owls) – two days per week
Miss L Hartung Year 3 (Chaffinches)
Mrs K Brennan Year 4 (Robins)
Mrs G Pearson Year 5 (Cuckoos) – three days per week
Mr R Neal Year 5 (Cuckoos) – two days per week
Ms K Turner Year 6 (Goldcrests)
Mrs D Wells AENCo

Ms J Spring

PPA cover (0.5 day) 


Teaching Assistants      

Mrs G Brauns

Mrs J Buckland

Mrs C Ede

Miss B Davis

Mrs J Dawson

Mrs E Henderson

Mr H Irons

Mrs K Lepavoux

Mrs A Miller

Mrs E Merton

Mrs J Nicholson

Mrs V Philcox

Mrs M Pike

Mrs D Sherriff

Mrs N Thompson

Mrs L Warren


Ancillary Staff                                                  

Mrs N Fry  Bursar
Mrs G Grimwood Administrative Officer
Mrs P Wright Site Manager/Caretaker
Miss S Tidman Cleaner


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs J Dawson (Senior Supervisor) Mrs N Beck, Mrs J Buckland, Mrs A Costas, Mrs W Clark, Mrs C Bedford, Mrs C Maclean, Ms P Mason, Mrs F Sentance, Ms L Johnstone

Relief supervisors: Miss V Clark, Ms A Walker


Out of Hours Club Staff

Mrs N Beck

Mrs C Bedford

Mrs J Buckland

Mrs W Clark

Mrs A Costas

Ms P Mason

Mrs F Sentance